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Where can I purchase high quality tire packing machine?

The accumulation of a large amount of waste tires not only takes up land but also severely damages the environment. So people are inclined to purchase tire packing machine to pack the waste tires so that they are more convenient for transportation and deep processing. And the tire packing machine from DOING GROUP is a high quality and efficient machine popular with customers.

Doing’s tire packing machine has helped customers in more than 90 countries around the world to solve the problem of tire stacking. Our tire packing machine can lay four whole tires with a diameter of less than 1.4 meters each time. It’s very easy handling and high efficient. Here is a video showing you how the tire packing machine works.


The reason why our tire packing machine is high recognized by the customers because it has the following advantages:

  • Simple and easy to operate: it solves the problem of immature manual tire packing technology of workers that affects the output.
  • Low operation cost and high output: the tire packing machine can pack more waste tires and the working efficiency is high. And it doesn’t need to many manuals to deal with the tires and won’t get tired easily. You can save the operation cost.

waste tire doubling/trippling machineTire packing machine

We have to realize that in the fast-developing countries, high output represents high profits. Therefore, if you have demand of purchasing tire packing machine to pack waste tires so that the packed tires can be better recycled and made into new rubber products, please don’t hesitate to contact Doing Group to make the order.

As a professional and reliable waste tire recycling machine manufacture, Doing Group has the latest technology and the highest quality on the market. We can customize the best tire packing machine for you and offer you a favorable quotation.

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