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Is full-continuous waste tire pyrolysis plant a profitable business in India?

Full-continuous waste tire pyrolysis plant is a popular project which attracted the attention of investors from many countries, including India. The abundant waste tire raw materials, vast by-products sales market and the supportive government policies in India all make full-continuous waste tire pyrolysis plant a very profitable business.

1.Abundant raw material

India is the second most populous country in the world and the consumption of tires is very big, and countless waste tires are produced every year. These waste tires are very difficult to degrade, and the storage of waste tires is also a problem. Therefore, there is an urgent need for a way to effectively treat and utilize waste tires, and full-continuous waste tire pyrolysis plant is the best choice.

pyrolysis plant Abundant waste tire material

Full-continuous waste tire pyrolysis plant can convert the waste tires into treasures, which can turn the abundant waste tire resource in India into economical resource.

2.Vast by-products sales market

After the waste tires are pyrolyzed by a full-continuous pyrolysis machine, pyrolysis oil and carbon black and steel wire can be obtained. Pyrolysis oil is a heating fuel with 10592.48Kcal/kg heating value, which has a good market in different countries. The fuel oil is widely used in boiler factory, cement factory, steel factory, brick factory, glass factory, heavy oil power plant, warm supply center and so on. Carbon black can be sold directly or briquette into pellets as the industrial heating fuel or make further refining to many kinds of rubber products.Steel wire from waste tire,It can be sold to steel mills or scrap recyclers.

pyrolysis plantThe applications of full-continuous pyrolysis products

Therefore, the sales market potential of pyrolysis oil, carbon black and steel wire is endless, and now the oil price and steel price are rising continuously, the profit obtained from it is very considerable.

3. Supportive government policy

Due to the advancement of modern technology and strict requirements for environmental protection emissions, more and more countries are more inclined to adopt full-continuous waste tire pyrolysis machine, which can realize automatic continuous production, improve production efficiency, save labor costs, and is more beneficial to environmental protection. Therefore, the Indian government is no exception. They published policies to support the full continuous waste tire pyrolysis plant project, and investors can get business loans more easily and government benefits.

If you want to carry out the profitable full-automatic waste tire pyrolysis plant projects in India and know more about the equipment details, please contact Henan Doing Company. We have manufactured and exported many waste tire pyrolysis machines to India, and we can take advantages of our rich experience to help you develop waste tire pyrolysis business smoothly.

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