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What raw material can be recycled by aluminum plastic pyrolysis plant?

The raw materials that can be recycled by the aluminum-plastic pyrolysis recycling plants include aluminum-plastic panels, aluminum-plastic medicine panels, aluminum-plastic composite panels, aluminum-plastic films, and aluminum foils that contain aluminum-plastic waste, etc.

waste aluminum-plasticThe raw material of waste aluminum-plastic

The pyrolysis principle:

These aluminum-plastic raw materials contain plastic components, so they can be pyrolysis. The chemical components such as polyethylene, polypropylene, polystyrene, polychlorohexene, and polyester in plastics are heated at high temperatures and will be broken down, while some small component molecules will be recombined into fuel oil.

The pyrolysis by-products and their uses:

Plastic fuel oil obtained from aluminum-plastic pyrolysis recycling plant is one of the main products. Since plastic fuel oil has a calorific value of 104,000 kcal, it can directly replace fuel oil for industrial or boiler heating. For example, it can be used for cement plants, steel plants, glass plants, brick plants, etc. What's more, the plastic fuel oil can be refinery into diesel oil, and used for heavy oil generators and agricultural machinery.

aluminum plastic pyrolysis plantThe main products of aluminum plastic pyrolysis plant

In addition, there is the other important product - aluminum. After the waste aluminum plastic raw materials are processed by pyrolysis plant, loose powdery or massive aluminum slag can be obtained. These aluminum slags can be sold directly or undergo deep crushing, breaking or purification, and then sold to aluminum products factories.

The output rate of pyrolysis by-products:

According to the real feedback from DOING customers, the plastic oil output rate of aluminum-plastic pyrolysis is about 40-50%, and the aluminum output rate is about 20-25%. Specifically, the output rate of plastic oil and aluminum should be judged according to the type of aluminum-plastic raw materials. Different aluminum-plastic raw materials have different proportions of plastic oil and aluminum.

Of course, another important factor affecting the output rate of pyrolysis by-products is the aluminum plastic pyrolysis recycling plant itself. DOING aluminum-plastic recycling machine can fully pyrolyze aluminum-plastic under high-temperature heating and negative pressure and oxygen-free conditions. The oil-gas generated after pyrolysis will pass through 7 cooling systems to fully condense. These devices ensure high oil yield.

aluminum plastic pyrolysis plantDOING aluminum plastic pyrolysis plant

Waste aluminum plastic raw materials can be obtained from medical waste and municipal solid waste, the acquisition method is simple, and the cost of raw materials is also low. So the profit of waste aluminum plastic pyrolysis is as high as waste tires plastics pyrolysis, so the waste aluminum plastic pyrolysis is becoming more and more popular. If you are interested in our waste aluminum-plastic pyrolysis recycling plant, please feel free to contact us.

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