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What's the oil output of oil sludge pyrolysis plant?

The oil output of oil sludge pyrolysis plant is 30%-70%, depending onseveral factors, such as oil sludge composition, plant design, operatingconditions, etc. The following will be discussed.

1. Oil Sludge Composition

The composition of the oil sludge, including its moisture content, oil content, and chemical properties, influences the oil yield. For example, the oil sludge with high water content and high viscosity usually has relatively lower oil output like 30%.

oil sludge pyrolysis plantDOING oil sludge pyrolysis plant

2. Pyrolysis Plant Design

The design of the oil sludge pyrolysis plant will influence the oil output. A good pyrolysis plant design can fully pyrolyze the oil sludge to themaximum extent and improve the oil output.

For example, DOING oil sludge pyrolysis plant is equipped with a perfect condensing system that can fully condense oil and gas to ensure high oil yield. The oil output of our oil sludge pyrolysis plant can reach 70% or more, which can be also understood that from our 10ton capacity waste oil sludge pyrolysis plant you can obtain 7ton or more fuel oil per batch.

3. Operating Conditions

The temperature, pressure, and residence time within the pyrolysis reactor significantly impact the oil output. Optimal operating conditions arecrucial for achieving desired conversion rates and oil yields. Correct operation always means good control of pyrolysis temperature during theoil sludge pyrolysis process, which will ensure all of the oil gas canbe condensed and no wasting. So a skilled pyrolysis plant operator isindispensable for you to get good oil output from oil sludge.

oil sludge pyrolysis plantThe operation manual of DOING oil sludge pyrolysis plant

DOING pyrolysis plant manufacturer will provide after-sales service for our customers, one of which is to guide the daily operation for follow-up operators online or on site, so as to ensure that our customers' workers can operate the pyrolysis plant proficiently.

Besides, our oil sludge pyrolysis plant is not exactly the same as tyre and plastic pyrolysis plant and it is designed as per the properties of oil sludge, so you can understand it is specially used for oil sludge processing, which is not easy to stick, not easy to coke and high efficient. If you wanna know more about our oil sludge pyrolysis plant, please do not feel hesitant to send us your enquiry.

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