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How much profit can we earn by setting up a 10tpd pyrolysis plant?

Nowadays, it's a very popular project in the worldwide to set up a pyrolysis project, because it can not only deal with waste tires, rubbers and plastics environmentally friendly, but also can bring great benefits to investors. To help our customers learn how profitable it is to set up a pyrolysis plant, here let’s take 10ptd pyrolysis plant as an example to calculate it.

waste tire pyrolysis plant Waste tire pyrolysis plant

1. The running cost of 10tpd pyrolysis plant

The cost includes the workers salary, electricity cost, material cost, water cost and the fuel consumption.

①Worker salary: it needs about 3-4 people to run a 10tpd pyrolysis plant, the salary for the workers is different in different area, the cost of workers may will be a little higher at the developed countries, like European countries.

②Electricity cost:the 10tpd machine will consume about 250-300Kwh electricity per day, mainly used by the reactor reducer, oil and water pump. But there are also some optional devices, so the electricity consumption is not fixed, depends on what configuration of the machine you choose to install.

③Material cost: it is decided by the pyrolysis raw materials is tires or plastic. The costs of raw materials vary much in different areas. For example, the tire is free in some middle areas, but very high cost in India and China; the plastic is easy to get at European, but high cost at Asia.

④ Water consumption: our machine use circulating water, so no water consumption.

⑤Fuel cost: it depends on the heating fuel is coal, pyrolysis fuel oil or LNG. The 10tpd pyrolysis plant consumes about 300-400kg pyrolysis fuel oil produced by itself per day, and in this situation no more fuel cost is needed for it.

And some country will give a certain amount subsidy to the people who help to process the waste, like European countries. This is helpful to reduce the investment cost of 10ptd pyrolysis plant.

2.The income of 10tpd pyrolysis plant

The income of 10ptd pyrolysis plant is mainly decided by the final products, and different raw materials will produce different final products.

For tires material, you will get about 45% pyrolysis oil, 30% carbon black, 15% steel wires and 10% tail gas. The tail gas will be recycled to heat the reactor to save the fuel oil consumption, you could sell other products to make profit. For the plastic material, the oil yield may vary from 30%-70%, which is influenced by the plastic varieties.

pyrolysis plant The product of waste tire pyrolysis plant

And the incomes of the 10tpd pyrolysis plant mainly depends on the local market prices of the pyrolysis products.

Profitability Analysis For 10t Waste Tyre Pyrolysis Machine
Waste Tyre 10t * 80 USD/t = 800 USD
Electricity Consumption 20 USD
Manpower 3 persons * 10 USD = 30 USD
Fuel Oil 4t * 400 USD/t = 1600 USD
Carbon Black 3t * 30 USD/t = 90 USD
Steel Wires 1.5t * 200 USD/t = 300 USD
Profit 1140 USD

The above is a list of the running costs and incomes of setting up a 10tpd pyrolysis plant. And based on the customer feedback data, Doing made a profit analysis table of the 10tpd waste tire pyrolysis plant for your reference.

For more information about the profits of10tpd pyrolysis plant, welcome to contact Doing company. Doing company has professional engineer team and independent factory to customize you suitable scale waste tires/plastics pyrolysis machine and offer you comprehensive technical support to set up the pyrolysis plant. Free quotations for you!

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