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How to start tyre recycling business in India?

According to the survey, India’s waste tyres account for about 6-7% of the global total. This offers an abundance of raw materials for starting tyre recycling business. When it comes to how to start tyre recycling business in India, four steps can be followed: find the market of raw materials and products, ensure tyre recycling plant size and location, get required licenses, purchase tyre recycling machine.

tyre recycling machineFully continuous type and batch type waste tyre pyrolysis plant

Step 1: ensure tyre recycling plant size and location

The site selection of tyre recycling plant should conform to the requirements of national industrial policy, ecological environmental protection planning and main functional area planning, and it is better to have convenient transportation conditions and sufficient power resources. And the plant area should match the comprehensive utilization processing capacity, and the waste tyre storage area should meet the requirements of the recycling management specifications.

Based on this, you need to have a relatively plan about what size of tyre recycling business you want to start, for example, 10tpd, 15tpd, 20tpd, 30tpd, 50tpd, etc. And Henan Doing Company’s engineer team can customize the plant plan drawing, equipment layout, building condition drawing and equipment basic condition diagram.

Step 2: find the market of raw materials and products

Before starting tyre recycling business in India, it’s necessary to make a research on the market of raw materials and final products, including the pyrolysis fuel oil, carbon black, steel wires. You can see how much waste tyres you need and how to maintain a continuous supply of them, and where to sell your final products at a relatively higher price.

You can collect waste tyres from tyre dealers, scrap shops, workshops, etc. And about the sales market of the final products of tyre recycling business, you can take the following pictures for reference.

tyre recycling machinThe application of waste tire recycling machine

Step 3: get required licenses

Only the tyre recycling businss is permitted by the local government in India, it can run properly and obtain great profits legally. Generally speaking, you need to get the following licenses if you want to start tyre recycling business:

Licenses Where/How to get it?
MSME Registration Register your business under the Ministry, which is beneficial to help you get business loans and government benefits.
Factory license State government
Pollution Certificate Local pollution Board office
No objection Certificate Municipality, Fire and Electricity Board, Town and country planning department

Step 4: purchase tyre recycling machine

To start a waste tyre recycling plant, you have the following two kinds of waste tyre recycling machines to choose, fully continuous type waste tyre recycling machine and batch type waste tyre recycling machine. Thy have different automation degree and are suitable for different processing capacities. And you can customize them from professional manufacturers so the equipment is more cost-effective.

Henan Doing Company has been engaged in the fabrications of both fully continuous type and batch type waste tyre recycling machine for 10+ years. We have helped customers in more than 90 countries and regions installed the tyre recycling plant. If you are looking for professional advice and high quality tyre recycling machine, please contact us without hesitation.

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