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What is the size and footprint of pyrolysis plant?

The size and footprint of pyrolysis plant will be decided by its processing capacity and the model. So, if you do not have land for the pyrolysis plant installation, it will be better to acquire it as per the size of the equipment.

Our waste pyrolysis plant mainly has three different models, batch one, semi-continuous one and fully continuous one and their processing capacity varies from mini 100kg to big 100ton, so their size and footprint also have great difference. Let’s talk about the size and footprint of pyrolysis plant based on the capacity which is more frequently inquired about by our customers.

pyrolysis plant typesDifferent types of pyrolysis plant for sale

As per the processing capacity, our waste pyrolysis plant has different capacity scales from small home scale 100kg to 3ton, normal scale 5ton to 15ton to big industrial scale over 30ton. For home scale 100kg, its footprint area is only about 10㎡. For normal 15ton, it is L35mxW11m=385㎡. For a big industrial capacity of 30ton, it is L50mxW15m=750㎡.

As per the design, our normal scale batch operation waste pyrolysis plant can be equipped with different designs of oil gas cooling system, shell &tube condenser type and box type cooling water tank which has different land occupied area. The length of shell&tube condenser will be longer than that of the box type cooling water tank. For a 15ton batch operation pyrolysis plant with box type cooling water tank system, the footprint area can be about 150㎡smaller than the pyrolysis plant with original shell&tube cooling condenser.

pyrolysis plant cooling systemTwo types of pyrolysis plant cooling systems

As per the model, the normal capacity of our continuous waste pyrolysis plant is above 30ton. Usually, big processing capacity always means big size and footprint area. However, when the capacity is above 30ton, the footprint area of batch pyrolysis plant will be bigger than continuous waste pyrolysis plant. For 30ton batch model pyrolysis plant, it will be 3sets of 10ton or 2sets of 15ton, the size and footprint of which will be bigger than that of 30ton or 50ton capacity continuous plant.

Please feel free to contact us, and our professional engineers and sales manager will recommend suitable pyrolysis plants and customize suitable factory plan drawing, equipment layout building condition drawing, etc. based on your real situation to help you make good planning.

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