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Is it worth investing in a waste tyre pyrolysis plant?

Is it worth investing in a waste tyre pyrolysis plant? The answer is unambiguously yes. Both in final profits and environmental protection, waste tyre pyrolysis plant is an excellent choice to process waste tyre.

Firstly let me make a general profit analysis for you.

On average, the waste tyre pyrolysis plant can recycle waste tires to get 45% fuel oil, 30% industrial carbon black, 15% steel wire and 10% flammable gas.

Taking the 10T/D waste tyre pyrolysis plant as an example, it can produce 4.5 tons of fuel oil, 3 tons of carbon black and 1.5 tons of steel wire per day. Based on China's market price, the price of one ton of fuel oil is about 450 US dollars, one ton of carbon black is about 150 US dollars, one ton of steel wire is about 260 US dollars. So you can get about 2,865 US dollars every day if you sell all these outputs. And then subtract the daily equipment operating costs about 500 US dollars, including waste tyre costs, labor costs, heating fuel costs and electricity consumption costs. Finally, your daily profit is about 2,365 US dollars.

final products obtained by pyrolysis plantFinal products obtained by waste tyre pyrolysis plant

Of course, the more waste tyres you process, the more profits you can get.

What's more, waste tyre pyrolysis plant can avoid air pollution and soil pollution caused by traditional landfill and incineration of waste tyres to realize 100% environmentally recycling.

Therefore, waste tyre pyrolysis plant is a wonderful investment project. If you are interested in the investment, the most important thing is to choose an excellent waste tyre pyrolysis plant manufacturer with good quality and advanced technology.

DOING Company has developed three types of non-pollution waste tyre pyrolysis plant: batch type waste tyre pyrolysis plant; semi-continuous waste tyre pyrolysis plant; fully continuous waste tyre pyrolysis plant.

Plant typesCapacityAdvantages
Batch type pyrolysis plant100/500KG-18/20TPDSuitable for trial running; easy installation and operation
Semi-continuous pyrolysis plant1-20TPDHigh efficiency, cost effective
Fully continuous pyrolysis plant15-50TPDFully automatic PLC control system, time and labor saving, big processing capacity

DOING various pyrolysis plantsDOING various pyrolysis plants for sale

You can choose the suitable type according to your actual situation. If you are interested in waste tyre pyrolysis plant investment or want to know more information or quotations, please contact us.

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