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Waste gas/water/dust treatment solution of DOING environmentally friendly pyrolysis plant

Environmental protection has always been one of the concerns of many pyrolysis plant investors to recycle waste tire, plastic, oil sludge, coal tar, etc. Today, Henan Doing Company, with 13 years of industry experience and engineering experience, will analyze for you the non-environmental factors that may arise during the waste pyrolysis process. In addition, we will introduce some environmentally friendly waste treatment solutions for waste gas, waste water, and solid waste adopted by DOING pyrolysis plant.

environmental pyrolysis plantPyrolysis plant environmental protection devices

1. Waste gas treatment measures

The waste gas generated by pyrolysis plant project includes flue gas of non-condensable gas and heating materials combustion, carbon black dust, etc.

(1)Flue gas of non-condensable gas and heating materials combustion: The non-condensable gas first passes through the alkali solution of the purification system to remove H2S, and then enters the pyrolysis plant reactor for combustion, which saves the fuel investment cost of pyrolysis plant.

The flue gas produced by the combustion of non-condensable gas enters the purification tower together with the heating materials combustion waste gas to achieve the purpose of desulfurization and dust removal. And then, it will be discharged through the high exhaust pipe to meet the standards.

(2)Carbon black dust: A collecting hood is installed above the pyrolysis plant production line. The carbon black dust is introduced into the bag dust collector for treatment and then discharged through the exhaust pipe.

pyrolysis plant gas treatment systemPyrolysis plant waste gas treatment system

2. Waste water treatment measures

The waste water generated in the pyrolysis process includes condenser cooling wastewater, storage tank area spray wastewater, and oil storage tank oily wastewater.

(1)The condenser cooling wastewater and the storage tank area spray wastewater are recycled and reused through the circulating pool without being discharged. Only a small amount of cooling water lost by evaporation during the cooling process needs to be replenished regularly.

(2)DOING pyrolysis plant adds an atomization nozzle facility in the combustion chamber of the pyrolysis plant reactor. The oily wastewater is atomized at high pressure and burned as fuel. The small amount of combustion flue gas generated is discharged together with other waste combustion gas after being purified.

pyrolysis plant circulating water systemPyrolysis plant circulating water pool

3. Solid dust treatment measures

The solid dust generated by the pyrolysis plant project includes carbon black and dust collected by bag dust collectors. The carbon black collected by the bag dust collector can be sold as carbon black products, and the dust collected by the bag dust collector is handed over to the environmental sanitation department for regular transportation.

pyrolysis plant dust collection systemPyrolysis plant dust collection system

Henan Doing Company's environmentally friendly pyrolysis plant can meet the environmental protection standards of different countries and achieve waste reduction and resource recycling. At present, our pyrolysis plant has been sold to more than 100 countries around the world and has been widely recognized.

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