pyrolysis plant process

What is pyrolysis machine? What raw material can be recycled by pyrolysis machine?

Pyrolysis machine, also called pyrolysis plant/pyrolysis unit/pyrolysis device, is a popular recycling machine that can recycle and convert solid&hazardous waste like tires, plastic, oil sludge, coal tar oil, aluminum plastic composite materials, etc. into valuable products namely oil, syn-gas and char(carbon black), ingot, etc.

700-525 炼油原料3.jpgDOING company pyrolysis machine

1. Q: What are the key components of pyrolysis machine?

A: The key components of DOING Pyrolysis Plant are as follows:

①Feeding system

②Pyrolysis reactor system

③Oil gas condensation system

④Pyrolysis residue discharge system

⑤Exhausted gas purification system

2. Q: What is the common/typical output of pyrolysis machine?

A: The output depends largely on inputs in terms of quality and types of waste raw materials and the pyrolysis technology which has been used to process the waste. The final products outputs of pyrolysis plant are mainly:

700间歇.jpgThe final products of pyrolysis machine

①Pyrolysis Oil ≈ 30 to 90%

(The tire pyrolysis oil yield is about 35-52%,the plastic pyrolysis oil output is between 30% and 95%.)

②Pyrolysis gas ≈ 17 to 35%

③Pyrolysis residue ≈ 3 to 25%

(The content may increase when there is ash content in the feedstock.)

3. Q: What are processing capacities of DOING Pyrolysis Machine?

A: Different types of pyrolysis machines have different processing capacities. We can customize the pyrolysis machines from 100kg to 50+ tons per day, etc.

Profit analysis(10TPD waste tyre pyrolysis plant)
Waste Tyre10T*30USD/T =300USD
Electricity Consumption30 USD
Heating fuel(tire oil)0.4T*500USD/T=200USD
Manpower3 Workers* 50USD = 150USD
Fuel Oil4T* 500USD/T = 2000USD
Carbon Black3T * 50USD/T=150USD
Steel Wires1.5T* 215USD/T = 322.5 USD

4. Q: What are the types of pyrolysis machine? How to select a suitable pyrolysis machine?

A: According to the process operation types and designs, there are mainly four types of pyrolysis machines that Henan DOING Company can supply and customize for you:

700-500全连续间歇小机组.pngThree types waste tyre/plastics/oil sludge pyrolysis plant

Fully Continuous type pyrolysis machine: suitable for the buyers who have a big budget and the needs of big processing capacity, high automatic degree.

②Semi-Continuous type pyrolysis machine: especially suitable for buyers who want to process Semi-flow/Semi-liquid sludge.

③Batch type pyrolysis machine: the cost effective and popular choice of most pyrolysis machine buyers.

④ Small mobile skid-mounted design type pyrolysis machine: suitable for buyers who have a small budget or who need a mini/small pyrolysis machine for trial/piolet running and science research.

You can select suitable pyrolysis machines based on your needs. If you have doubts, our sales manager can recommend you suitale pyrolysis machine solutions.

5. Pyrolysis Machine Running Video

The processing process of pyrolysis machine are mainly feeding---pyrolysis---cooling---discharging---purification. About the details, welcome to click the video to watch it.

6. How many countries has DOING Company installed pyrolysis machines in?  

We have exported and installed the pyrolysis machines in more than 100+ countries and regions around the world, such as India, Uganda, UAE, Bangladesh, Spain, Italy, USA, United Kingdom, Australia, Russia, Korea, Mexico, Brazil, Botswana, Chile, Ukraine, etc. Our high quality and cost-efficient pyrolysis machines have received many good feedbacks from our customers. Our pyrolysis machine can meet the environment proection and installation requiements of different countries.

For more details of pyrolysis machines project cases, please click:

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