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How to solve the waxy problem in the plastic pyrolysis process?

Unsimilar to tire pyrolysis, wax formation is a common phenomenon in the plastic pyrolysis process, which can lead to equipment clogging, reduced production efficiency, and reduced product quality. The reason for this phenomenon is due to the decomposition or cross-linking of polymer materials in plastics at high temperatures, forming viscous liquid or solid substances, which are easy to adhere to the wall of the waste plastic pyrolysis machine and form wax formation.

And the key to solving the problem of sticky wall wax formation is to find a suitable way to prevent or reduce the formation of wax formation, and to clean up the formed wax formation in time.

1. Select the suitable plastic for pyrolysis-Minimize the content of PE

According to the feedback of many customers who have run the DOING waste plastic pyrolysis machines at home and abroad, PE pyrolysis will cause the most serious waxy phenomenon. If customers can minimize PE, use more PP, PS, ABS plastics, paper mill waste, medical waste, aluminum plastic, etc. instead, it can improve the waxy problem;

Oil yields of the common waste plasticsOil yields of the common waste plastics

2. Specialized Wax Removal Structure

If PE cannot be avoided, DOING can provide other solutions to solve wax formation. One solution is to use a unique wax removal structure, which is set at the outlet of the reactor. After heating to a certain temperature, oil and gas and wax are produced, the special wax removal system will push the products into the reactor again and heated again until the thick wax is pyrolysis into liquid fuel again.

Wax removal structure of plastic pyrolysis machineWax removal structure of plastic pyrolysis machine

3. Catalytic Treatment

There is another way to solve the wax problem. In DOING waste plastic pyrolysis machine, the oil and gas enters a catalytic tower before entering the cooling system, which contains a catalyst that specifically addresses the wax formation phenomenon of plastics. After pyrolysis, no paraffin will be produced, and all oil and gas will be converted to liquid fuel.

4. Timely cleaning up

When the wax phenomenon has occurred, it is necessary to clean up the wax in time. Mechanical cleaning, chemical treatments, or high-pressure water cleaning methods are employed to clean waste plastic pyrolysis reactor and prevent build-up.

DOING pyrolysis machine for saleDOING pyrolysis machine for sale

In short, in the process of plastic pyrolysis, the phenomenon of wax formation is very common. In view of this phenomenon, DOING will put forward professional plans to help customers solve it. If customers are not sure whether their plastic is suitable for pyrolysis, please call DOING or visit in person.

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