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How do you separate oil from sludge? What are the advantages?

The treatment of oil sludge is a difficult problem for the world. Oil sludge pollutes the environment greatly. If it is not handled well, it may cause secondary pollution. Therefore, how to deal with oil sludge is a difficult problem faced by all countries. Today I will tell you a good way- separate oil from sludge by pyrolysis machine.

oil sludge pyrolysis machineOil sludge

DOING company is a professional manufacturer of pyrolysis machine which can be used to recycle waste tire/plastic/rubber, and oil sludge even anything that contain oil. The pyrolysis machine can separate the oil from oil sludge, and the oil content in the remaining waste soil will not exceed 3%. The waste soil can be sold to the brick factory for recycling and reuse.

oil sluge pyrolysis machinePyrolysis machine and its final products

The almost oil contained in the oil sludge is crude oil, and the refined liquid oil is of good quality, most of which are diesel oil, and the oil is almost colorless and transparent liquid, can be used as diesel or sold to large refineries for further processing.

Usually, the oil contained in the sludge is relatively light, and the temperature required for gasification is relatively low, about 200 degrees Celsius, so the sludge pyrolysis time is also relatively short. Taking a 12-ton pyrolysis machine as an example, the processing time for 12 tons of sludge is about 18 hours Around, from the beginning of heating, until all the oil is extracted, until the reactor is cooled down, and the slag is discharged, a total of 18 hours. Usually it takes about 22 hours for pyrolysis 12t waste tires or plastic.

pyrolysis machineFuel oil obtained from oil sludge

Separating oil from sludge in this way will not cause secondary pollution, and it is a project with a high rate of return, and diesel can be directly obtained. The oil yield depends on the quality of the sludge.

DOING company has produced this pyrolysis machine for more than 10 years. It is very professional in this industry. If you have any questions about this method of separating oil from sludge, please contact us directly.


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