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What is the newest used engine oil distillation technology?

After using used engine oil distillation technology, we can get diesel fuel from the used engine oil. Before, the market generally uses the traditional way (distillation, acid washing and alkali washing) to get diesel. But now, we Doing company have a new used engine oil distillation way to get diesel fuel without acid washing and alkali washing, so what is the newest used engine oil distillation technology?

used engine oil distillation machineused engine oil distillation machine

The newest used engine oil distillation technology main refers to solid catalyst technology, that is, after distilling by heating the distillation reactor, the used engine oil will become oil gas which will pass through the catalytic tower, then the impurities of the oil gas will be removed and the diesel fuel quality can be guaranteed.

The traditional used engine oil distillation way has the following disadvantages:

waste oil refinery machineTraditional used engine oil distillation way

1.Using the traditional way, you will need a great number of strong acid and alkali, in China, it’s not easy to buy.

2.During the refinery process, it requires the storage device with high security to storage the strong acid and alkali.

3.Using this method, the production process will take a long time resulting in low efficiency.

4.The used acid and alkali need to be disposed properly which will improve the cost.

Using solid catalyst technology has the following advantages:

waste engine oil distillation plantSolid catalyst tower of used engine oil distillation plant

1.It is easy to operate during refining the waste motor oil, and there is no need to purchase a large number strong acid and alkali. Also, we have no needs to make follow-up treatment of these waste acid and alkali.

2.This way will accelerate the production process with less time and high efficiency.

3.The quality of diesel fuel refined by solid catalyst is higher than the acid and alkali washing way.

If you want to start your own used engine oil distillation project, please leave your message to Doing, our project manager can give you advice or adjust project configuration according your needs.

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