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What can the waste tires used for?

Generally, we have three main ways to use the waste tires. Firstly, using the waste tires directly, such as the fender of port and ship or DIY entertainment facilities. Secondly, using as the ground and railroad materials. Thirdly, getting fuel oil after disposing by pyrolysis technology.

waste tire pyrolysis plantthe usage of waste tires

Using the waste tires directly is more suitable for you have less waste tires or the used tires you changed from the your own car. For this situation, you can choose the DIY projects which can help your family get old tire swings, chairs, dog beds or garden decoration ideas etc. But these DIY projects will occupy a lot of space and it also takes your time to transform the waste tires. Except DIY projects, some ships or ports will also use waste tires as fenders to reduce the impact of a collision.

waste tire pyrolysis plantWaste tire DIY projects

Using the waste tires as the ground and railroad need to grind the waste tire into rubber powder first. But during this process, it may cause dust pollution. And there are too many people doing the rubber powder business, so its market is basically saturated. In other words, you can only get small profits from the rubber power business.

waste tire pyrolysis plantUsing the waste tires as the ground and railroad

Getting fuel oil from the waste tire you need the waste tire pyrolysis plant. After disposing the waste tires by the waste tire pyrolysis plant, you can get not only fuel oil, but also the carbon black and steels. The waste tire pyrolysis plant equips the tail gas cleaning system which can realize zero pollution during the waste tires recycling process.

waste tire pyrolysis plantGetting fuel oil from the waste tires

Fuel oil is widely used in industries, such as steel factory, heavy oil generator, cement factory, and boiler heating etc. Carbon black can be made into pellets to heat as coal or can be refined for making new rubber products. Steel wire could be sold to the recycle station or steel mill for remelting.

waste tire pyrolysis plantThe application of waste tire pyrolysis oil

Now, Doing waste tire pyrolysis plant has been installed in over 80 countries, many customers has got enough profits from the waste tire to fuel oil project. If you also have an interest, welcome to contact with us to get more information.

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