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What is solid waste management pyrolysis plant?

Solid waste management pyrolysis plants are specialized facilities designed to convert solid waste materials into valuable resources using pyrolysis technology. Pyrolysis is the process of splitting large molecules into smaller ones that involves heating the solid waste materials in the absence of oxygen and the long chain polymer breaks down into smaller chain products. Not only reduce solid waste pollution, but also achieve resource reuse.

1. The raw material

Solid waste management pyrolysis plants can handle raw materials including waste rubber, waste tires, waste plastic, waste oil sludge, coal tar oil, etc. Such as domestic waste, kitchen waste, medical waste, waste cable leather, waste soles and so on.

solid waste managment pyrolysis plantsThe raw material of solid waste managment pyrolysis plants

2. The by-products and their uses

Through pyrolysis, valuable energy oils, syn-gases and carbon black can be recovered from solid waste.

▪ The energy oil is a kind of oil alternative fuel, which can be used in steel plants, power plants, brick factories, etc. After further processing by our waste oil refining machines, energy oil can be turned into diesel, which can be used in industry boilers, diesel engines, tractors, trucks, etc.

▪ Syn-gas can be used as fuel in the pyrolysis heating process.

▪ The carbon black can be pressed into balls as heating fuel, or grinded into powder for use in the rubber products industry or pigment industry.

pyrolysis oil usesThe uses of solid waste pyrolysis by-products

3. The composition of solid waste management pyrolysis plant composition

Feeding system, pyrolysis system, cooling system, collection system and exhaust gas treatment system.

4. The solid waste pyrolysis process

The solid waste raw materials are put into the pyrolysis system through manual or automatic feeding machines. Through high-temperature heating, these solid waste materials undergo pyrolysis reactions in the pyrolysis reactor and are converted into oil-gas and carbon black. The oil-gas enter the cooling system and condense into liquid oil and non-condensable gases. Carbon black is collected through the carbon black collection system, the liquid oil enters the oil tank for sale or storage, and the gas is transferred to the pyrolysis reactor to continue heating it.

solid waste management pyrolysis plantDOING solid waste management pyrolysis plant

5. Benefits of DOING solid waste management pyrolysis plants

Various options

There are three types of solid waste management pyrolysis plants can be chosen: batch type, semi-continuous type, and fully continuous types. And the processing capacity is from 100kg to 50TPD, which can meet different customers' needs.

solid waste management pyrolysis plantsDifferent types of DOING solid waste management pyrolysis plants

Environmental friendly

DOING solid waste management pyrolysis plants are equipped with environmental protection devices, such as the tail gas treatment devices and desulfurization tower, which can be desulfurized and deodorized the tail gas produced by pyrolysis to ensure that it meets environmental standards before being discharged.

High oil yield

DOING solid waste management pyrolysis plant is equipped with multiple cooling systems to ensure that all oil and gas can be fully condensed and increase the oil yield.

pyrolysis plant cooling systemThe cooling system of DOING solid waste management pyrolysis plant

The above is an introduction to the solid waste management pyrolysis plants. If you have more information you want to know, please leave us a message. If you're interested in the solid waste management pyrolysis project, welcome to consult us via whatsapp online.

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