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What is the capacity of mini waste plastics pyrolysis machine?

More and more investors want to engage in the waste plastic pyrolysis business because it can not only realize the environmentally friendly recycling and reuses of waste plastic, but also can bring high profits. For new investors who worry about the machine operation condition or have less budget, DOING's mini scale waste plastic pyrolysis machines with the capacity of 100KG-3TPD will be your best choice.

pyolysis plantHow to convert waste plastics to oil?

    Doing company has been engaged in pyrolysis plant research and manufacturing for more than 12 years. No matter our mini scale or big scale waste plastic pyrolysis plants, they have mature technology and excellent performance. DOING waste plastic pyrolysis plant can help you convert waste plastic into heavy fuel oil, carbon black at high efficiency.

    And for the mini scale 100KG-3TPD waste plastic pyrolysis plant, DOING offers two designs for you to choose:

    1. 100-500KG/Batch: Free installation mini plastic pyrolysis plant

pyrolysis plant100kg/d-500kg/d waste plastics pyrolysis plant

    The smallest capacity of DOING mini scale waste plastic pyrolysis plant can process 100-500kg waste plastic per batch, making them ideal for small-scale investments or experiments. The cost of this kind of mini scale waste plastic pyrolysis plant is low, and it is well assembled before delivery. There is no need for customers to spend time on the installation, and the operation can start once it is taken to customers’ place, very convenient and economical. Besides, it is a container/skid-mounted design, also very convenient for customers to do the transportation work.

    2. 1-3TPD: Easy-handling waste plastic pyrolysis plant

    This kind of easy handling mini scale waste plastic pyrolysis plant is composed of pyrolysis reactor+frame type cooling&purification system as you can see in the following picture.

    Once you receive it, the mini scale waste plastic pyrolysis plant can be put into operation by simply linking the reactor and the frame structure of cooling&purification system.

     small scale pyrolysis plant1-3TPD waste plastics pyrolysis plant

  Doing's engineer team always takes the customer's needs and the convenience of operation into consideration when designing the equipment. At present, Doing company's pyrolysis plant has been exported to more than 90 countries around the world. So if you want to buy mini scale waste plastic pyrolysis plant, please don't hesitate to choose Henan Doing company.


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