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Instructions for developing waste tire pyrolysis plant project in Bangladesh

Waste tire pyrolysis plant is a very profitable project in Bangladesh, where waste tyres are not allowed to burn or disposed of through landfill and local government in Bangladesh encourage people to process waste tires in an environmentally friendly way, so waste tire recycling to obtain fuel oil becomes a very hot project.

waste tyresWaste tyres recycling to fuel oil

Since everyday we receive many inquiries from Bangladesh customers about how to set up waste tire pyrolysis plant project, so in this article let’s see what kind of preparation work should be done for developing waste tire pyrolysis plant. Here are some instructions for your reference:

1st step, get the sources of waste tire supply in the local market.

Before being able to develop waste tire pyrolysis plant project, it is better to find the sources of waste tire, and ensure reliable wire tire supply, because sufficient waste tire is the irreplaceable condition to keep the running of waste tire pyrolysis plant. For e.g. you can pay attention to some auto parts stores where you may get contact reference of waste tire traders.

tyresWaste tyres

2nd -step, do the market research for final products got from the waste tire pyrolysis plant.

(1)Tyre oil is the main end product got from tire oil pyrolysis plant. It is mainly used as the industrial heating fuel for boiler factories, glass factories, cement factories and steel mills, etc. After further refinery, diesel got from tyre oil can be used for some generators and heavy machinery.

applications of pyrolysis oilThe application of pyrolysis plant product

(2)Carbon black is the second main product from waste tire pyrolysis plant. It can be used as heating energy after processing into briquettes, and can also be used for rubber factories and painting factories after further processing.

(3)Steel wire got after pyrolysis can be sold directly as scrap steel.

3rd-step, get a piece of land with a suitable size for putting the waste tire pyrolysis machine.

The floor area of one set DOING 10ton capacity batch waste tire pyrolysis machine is about 400㎡. Besides, you need to prepare more space for waste tires and final products. We can provide the factory layout drawing according to customers’ landscape.

pyrolysis plantDOING 50TPD fully continuous waste tyres/plastics pyrolysis plant

If the above 3 conditions are no problem for you, you can start to purchase and install the waste tire pyrolysis machine. During the machine installation, we can send engineers to debug and do machine commissioning or provide online support service.

If you are interested in developing a waste tire pyrolysis project in Bangladesh and want to obtain the maximum profits, please feel free to send your enquiry. As a professional pyrolysis plant manufacturer which has customized and installed related pyrolysis plant project cases in more than 90+ countries and is well recognized by our clients, we can offer you the best solutions and all-around technical support!

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