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What are the various uses of tyre pyrolysis oil from a tyre pyrolysis plant?

Now more and more people are buying waste tyre pyrolysis machine to environmentally friendly process waste tyres into tyre pyrolysis oil, carbon black, steel wire and other products through the principle of pyrolysis. As the main product of waste tyre pyrolysis plant, the tyre pyrolysis oil is widely used and can bring considerable profits to people.

tire pyrolysis plant The application of tire pyrolysis oil

So what are the various uses of tyre pyrolysis oil from a tyre pyrolysis plant? Please read along with me.

1.Directly used as fuel oil

Tyre pyrolysis oil has high heating value(10592.48Kcal/kg), so it can be used directly to replace fuel oil for industrial or boiler heating, such as cement factory, steel factory, glass factory, boiler, etc.

2.Used to generate electricity

For some countries where electricity resources are scarce and electricity is expensive, electricity is out of reach. In this case, the high quality tyre pyrolysis oil obatained from DOING waste tyre pyrolysis machine can be used in heavy oil generators. It can be used directly to generate electricity from heavy generators and then sold to the national grid, effectively solving the problem of power shortage. Some countries even give subsidies to customers, such as providing raw materials and land for free.

3.Further processed into diesel

Tyre pyrolysis oil also can be refined into diesel fuel for heating, power plants, and agricultural machinery, like truck, ship, generator, folk lift, etc.

Note: the tyre pyrolysis oil directly from tyre pyrolysis plant is crude oil or HFO, which can be used directly as industrial fuel oil. If diesel fuel is the finished product you want to obtain, then another production line-pyrolysis oil distillation plant is needed.

From what we have been talked above, we can see that the tyre pyrolysis oil sales market is vast and it is worth investing in. If you also want to start a waste tyre pyrolysis plant and distillation plant, please feel free to contact DOING company, our dedicated sales manager and engineer team will give you more professional suggestions and customize you suitable scale machines!

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