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Is waste tyre pyrolysis plant project profitable in India?

Waste tyre pyrolysis plant project is very profitable in India because there has mature market to collect abundant waste tyre raw materials and sell the end products such as waste tyre pyrolysis oil, carbon black and steel wire, which makes our Indian customer have bigger advantages than other customers from other areas in the world.

waste tire pyrolysis plant Waste tire pyrolysis plant project cases  in India

Now let Doing company analyze the profitable advantages of developing waste tyre pyrolysis plant in the Indian market.

1.Abundant and stable waste tyre raw materials

India is the world's largest locomotive producer, producing about 8.3 million cars a year. This determines that there must be a large-scale source of waste tyre raw materials in India to a certain extent. This provides an abundant and stable waste tyres for the development of waste tyre pyrolysis plants.

waste tire Abundant  waste tyre in India

2.Broad and mature sales market

There are mainly four kinds of products to develop a tyre pyrolysis plant and they are waste tyre pyrolysis oil, carbon black, steel wire and uncondensable gas.

Waste tyre pyrolysis oil can be used as good heating fuel in many industries, such as steel factory, boiler heating, heavy oil generator, cement factory or refining to diesel, etc.; carbon black can be made into pellets for burning and heating, or refining for making new rubber products; steel wire can be sold to the recycle station or steel mill for remelting; uncondensable gas can be used to heat the reactor of the waste tyre pyrolysis machine,which will save the customer’s investment cost.

To well prove it, here Doing company made a detailed profit analysis of our 10TPD waste tyre pyrolysis plant based on Indian market for reference.

                Profitability Analysis For 10TPD Waste Tyre Pyrolysis Machine
                Waste Tyre                10t * 30 USD/t = 300 USD
                Heating fuel                Tire oil:0.4T*500 USD/t=200 USD
                Electricity Consumption                20Kw/h=30 USD
                Manpower                3 persons * 50 USD = 150 USD
                Fuel Oil                4t * 500 USD/t = 2000 USD
                Carbon Black                3t: Direct sell* 50 USD/t = 150 USD
                Steel Wires                1.5t * 200 USD/t = 300 USD
                Profit                1792 USD

From the above profit analysis, we can clearly see that our India customer can make a profit USD1792 per day from our 10TPD waste tyre pyrolysis plant, which is very profitable and considerable. According to the survey of our waste tyre pyrolysis machine users in India, it just takes only about 6-8months to recover the investment cost.

To make the most profits of developing the waste tyre pyrolysis plant business, one of the most important factors you need to pay attention to is to choose suitable high quality pyrolysis machines. We can customize both batch waste tyre pyrolysis machine and the newest technology fully continuous waste tyre pyrolysis machine based on your real situation.

Besides, Doing company has kept improving our waste tyre pyrolysis machine in the last 10 years. Our waste tyre pyrolysis machine is more efficient, more environmental friendly and much safer, which is a strong backup for many customers from India and other 80+ countries and regions to make good profit. So if you wanna develop the waste tyre pyrolysis plant project in India, please feel free to contact us to get the machine customize service and free quote of it!

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