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Furnace oil manufacturing process from tyres

Furnace oil is one of the main products of tire pyrolysis machine, it is a kind of very good heating fuel with 10592.48Kcal/kg heating value. It has great market demand in different countries, especially Latin America, Southeast Asia, Africa, India and other countries. Therefore, more and more people want to invest in tire pyrolysis machine, and now I will introduce the furnace oil manufacturing process from tyres.

tyre oil manufacturing process5 steps to manufacture oil from waste tyres

Tyre oil manufacturing process can be divided into 5 main parts:

1. Shredding or cutting tire

It is best to pre-treat the tires, especially for large truck tires or engineering tires. It is necessary to cut or shred the tires with a tire cutter or a tire shredder. it saves space in the reactor and fills in more tires.

tyre shredderTire shredder and tire cutter for waste tyre pretreatment

2. Feeding tire

When feeding the tires, it is better to equip with an Auto feeder, which saves time and labor and is safer.

tire pyrolysis machineAuto feeder

3. Heating and pyrolysis

After the feeding is completed, the reactor is heated by controlling the temperature of the burners. The reactor is rotated once every two and a half minutes to achieve uniform heating, so that the oil gas are continuously pyrolysis from the tire.

tire pyrolysis machinePyrolysis reactor

4. Cooling oil gas

The pyrolysis oil gas is cooled to liquid furnace oil through the condensing system. Our pyrolysis machine adopts the three-stage tubular condensing system, which is cooled by circulating water with good cooling effect and easy cleaning. Its cooling area is 1.5 times of all the oil gas, which can fully ensure that all the oil gas are cooled down, thus ensuring the oil yield.

tire pyrolysis machineThree-stage tubular condensing system

5. Collecting and storing

The furnace oil from waste tyres will be collected into the equipped temporary storage tanks. After the end of each batch, the furnace oil in the three temporary storage tanks will be collected and stored in a large oil tank for convenient sale.

waste tire pyrolysis machineFurnace oil out of tire pyrolysis machine

This is the tyre oil manufacturing process. DOING is a professional tire pyrolysis machine manufacturer. If you have any doubts or want to know more, please contact us immediately.


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