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How much can you earn after disposing 1t waste tires by pyrolysis plant?

Your profits of waste tire pyrolysis business are mainly from the final products produced by waste tire pyrolysis plant-fuel oil, carbon black and steel wires. So how much profits you can get after disposing 1t waste tires by pyrolysis plant? It is related to the amount of fuel oil, carbon black and steel wires you can get from 1t waste tire and their amount are influenced by two factors, one is raw materials, the other one is the waste tire pyrolysis plant you use. Then let’s see them in detail.

As we all know, there are many different kinds of waste tires, such as bicycle tires, small car tires, truck tires, OTR tires etc. Among them, the rubber content of bicycle and motorcycle tires is relatively low, its oil yield is 35%-40%, that is to say, you only can get 0.35t-0.4t fuel oil, and there is no steel wire in it. So you can’t get steel wires as profitable products from them. The oil yield of truck tires and OTR tires will be higher, is 45%-52% which means you can get 0.45t-0.52t fuel oil from 1t waste tires and both the steel wires.

waste tire pyrolysis plantOil yield of different waste tire

Except the oil content of raw material itself, the oil yield of waste tire pyrolysis plant also is very important. DOING waste tire pyrolysis plant adopts horizontal rotary pyrolysis reactor which can make waste tires be fully pyrolyzed and three steps cooling system to get fully cooling effect.

waste tire to oil pyrolysis plantThe advantages of waste tire pyrolysis plant

In general, you can get 0.45t fuel oil, 0.3t carbon black and 0.15t steel wires after disposing 1t waste tires by pyrolysis plant. The price of fuel oil can be sold around 900USD per ton, carbon black is 20USD and steel wire 300USD per ton, so you can nearly earn 450USD. Our waste tire pyrolysis plant have different models, such as 1t, 5t, 10t, 12t. Disposing of more waste tires, more profits you can earn. Welcome to call us for more information.


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