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How much does it cost to build waste to oil pyrolysis plant in South Africa?

South Africa has a lot of waste tires and waste plastic resources to be recycled. This offers abundant raw materials to develop the waste to oil pyrolysis business, one of the most popular environmentally waste recycling businesses. Then what is the total cost of building a pyrolysis plant to convert these wastes into oil in South Africa?

700-442.jpgWhat is the total cost of building a pyrolysis plant in South Africa?

As a professional pyrolysis plant manufacturer and exporter, here we list the most important investment of building pyrolysis plants for your reference, that's the pyrolysis machine cost.

The cost of DOING waste to oil pyrolysis machine is from 11,000USD to 520,000USD. Detailed prices of pyrolysis machines mainly depend on machine capacity, machine process technology and machine manufacturing cost.

Normally we have the pyrolysis machine with the daily capacity of 100/500kg and 1/5/10/12/15 tons batch pyrolysis machine, and 15-50+TPD fully continuous pyrolysis machine for your choice. If you are new to this industry, you could firstly use a small pyrolysis machine as a trial order before starting big projects, and the investment will be less. And if you want to invest in the big project of pyrolysis plant production line, the investment budget is from 45,000USD~520,000USD based on different capacities and models.

700-525 炼油设备类型.jpgDifferent type pyrolysis plants

Besides the waste to oil pyrolysis machine investment, you also need to consider the pyrolysis plant installation land cost, raw materials collection cost, etc.

For the pyrolysis plant installation land investment, the land size mainly depends on what capacity of this machine you want to install. Take the 10t pyrolysis machine as an example, the installation area is about 35mx15m. And for the raw material collection, you can survey the local market in South Africa to get them at the cheapest price.

Any more details about the pyrolysis plant to deal with these wastes, welcome to consult us for free quotation. As a professional and reliable manufacturer and supplier, we can customize the favorable price and good performance machines. All of our machines are approved locally in 100+ countries and regions, including South Africa. There are many clients who gave us feedback that this kind of pyrolysis plant got high quality oil and they got the investment cost back soon.

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