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Is pyrolysis bad for the environment?

Pyrolysis projects usually use pyrolysis technology to recover waste tires or waste plastics into crude oil, which involves chemical changes. If you can handle all the processes well, there will not be any pollution to the environment. Doing waste pyrolysis plant mainly consists of pyrolysis reactor, condensing system, tail gas purification system, water film filter and desulfurization tower, oil collecting devices and slag discharging system. Now let me give you more details about environmental protection devices of Doing waste pyrolysis plant.

waste pyrolysis plantEnvironmental protection devices of Doing waste pyrolysis plant

● Tail gas purification system

When all the oil and gas are cooled into oil, there will be some uncondensable syn gas, which can be used for combustion to heat the reactor to save fuel. However, if the tail gas is burned directly, it produces an unendurable odor. This will not only damage the health of workers, but also cause complaints from those around them. Therefore, you’d better equip the tail gas purification device to remove harmful gases such as hydrogen sulfide in the exhaust gas before combustion, and then use it in the combustion heating reactor, so as to solve the odor problem of the factory.

● Water film filter and desulfurization tower

When the fuel is burned to heat the reactor, it produces some smoke. If discharged directly, it will cause air pollution. Therefore, the water film filter is needed to discharge the dust and particles in the flue gas. It can meet the environmental protection standards of developing and less developed countries. But for some developed countries with higher environmental protection standards, a higher level of desulfurization tower is needed, which can remove dust and sulfur compounds.

● Slag discharging system

Slag discharging system includes carbon black spiral elevator and carbon black air transport system. Carbon black spiral elevator is usually used to discharge carbon black, and it can not only avoid the phenomenon of black flying around, but also save labor. However, for some big project with strict requirements, it is recommended to equip the carbon black air transport system, which is a completely closed system and save space. Black carbon is collected in temporary storage tanks through air pipelines, so there is no need to worry about pollution to the plant.

In recent years, due to the increasing attention to environmental protection, more and more countries have raised the standards of environmental protection. Therefore, it is believed that the waste pyrolysis plant equipped with pollution control system will have a wider market. If your national environmental standards are relatively high and you want to buy a waste pyrolysis plant, welcome to contact us directly.

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