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What's the uses of carbon black from plastic pyrolysis?

For many customers who want to do waste plastic pyrolysis projects, they may want to know what are the uses of waste plastic pyrolysis products. When we process waste plastics through waste plastic pyrolysis plant, we will get fuel oil, carbon black and uncondensable gas. Theses end products can be widely used in many ways, which will bring great profits for customers. Here, let’s mainly talk about the use of carbon black.

waste plastic pyrolysis plantWaste plastic pyrolysis plant

If you don’t want to reprocess the carbon black, you can directly sell the pyrolysis carbon black at a quite high price in the market. If you want to sell carbon black at a higher price, you can process carbon black in the following two ways.

1、The carbon black pellet machine can press the carbon black into small pellets. The calorific value of carbon black is more than 6000 kcal, which can replace coal as a heating fuel and be sold to some coal-fueled factories, and it can also be used as a heating fuel for pyrolysis equipment to save fuel.

waste plastic pyrolysis plantThe carbon black pellet machine

2.The carbon black grinding machine can not only grind carbon black into high-quality N550, N660, N774 carbon black, which will have wider applications and higher value, but also grind carbon black into 325 mesh or 800 mesh to make new tires, painting materials, etc. Or further processed into color master batch as basic material to make pipes, cable jackets, etc.

waste plastic pyrolysis plantThe carbon black grinding machine

3. Market prospects of carbon black :

The current market price of carbon black is about US$500, and the price continues to grow. Many Indian customers have made huge profits from carbon black and solved the shortage of carbon black in the market to a certain extent.

waste plastic pyrolysis plantCarbon black application

The above is the introduction to the uses of carbon black. If you want to know more information about carbon black or waste plastic pyrolysis plant, you can contact us, our engineers can provide suitable solutions for you. Welcome to consult.

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