pyrolysis plant process

What equipment will be used in the waste tire pyrolysis process?

Waste tire pyrolysis process is completed in a production line which is composed of different parts with different functions rather than a single machine or any independent equipment.

A complete waste tire pyrolysis plant includes feeding system, pyrolysis system, cooling system, syn-gas purification system, syn-gas recycling system ,flue gas scrubbing system as well as safety protection devices, so that the whole tire pyrolysis plant will comply with all health and safety, and environmental regulations in most areas of the world.

No. Description Photo for reference Function
1 Waste pyrolysis system    pyrolysis reactor The pyrolysis system is the core part of the waste tire pyrolysis plant, which is composed of reactor body, outside 360°covered insulation, reactor cooling system(after pyrolysis) as well as transmission system. Waste tire pyrolysis takes place inside the pyrolysis reactor.
2 Cooling system cooling system Adopt 4 -step cooling, each step cooling uses an independent cooling water circulation system to fully guarantee the cooling effect, and then ensure the oil yield. Among them, the oil-water separator not only plays the role of oil gas cooling and safety device--water seal in the cooling system, to prevent the backflow of oil  gas.
3 Safety protection water seal   pyrolysis plant Two water seals working together to prevent the back -flow of tail gas.
4 Temporary oil storage tank    waste tire pyrolysis plant 3 oil tanks are used to mach the 4-step cooling system, so that the heavy oil and light oil can be stored separately, not only improving the fuel oil quality but also preventing the cooling tube jam caused by heavy oil(gas).
5 Water film flue gas dedusting system pyrolysis plant 1.Three -layer perforated strainers filter the flue gas with special chemical.
2. Use high-pressure hydraulic pump to press water into high pressure nozzle which atomize the water to clean the smoke from furnace.
6 Safety protection Vacuum system waste tire pyrolysis plant Eliminate the remaining oil and gas in the furnace to ensure the safety of on-site production operations, which can quickly cool the reactor and improve production efficiency.
7 Feeding system pyrolysis plant 50 tons of hydraulic propulsion to improve feed efficiency (two reactors can share one).
8 Syn-gas purification system waste tire pyrolysis plant Remove hydrogen sulfide, sulfur dioxide, sulfur trioxide, nitrogen dioxide and other odorous polluting gases contained in the exhaust gas before combustion.
9 Pyrolysis carbon black discharging system pyrolysis plant Side slag discharge method to lift tire carbon black and discharge it in a sealed environment.

Here is a brief introduction of our waste tire pyrolysis plant for you to well know the general function of each part. Henan Doing Company has been engaged in waste tire pyrolysis machine design, manufacture and installation for 10+ years. And we have developed our professional engineer team who can customize customers the most suitable waste tire pyrolysis equipment and processing solutions to maximize the water tire pyrolysis benefits. Welcome to contact us if you have interests!

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