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Is there a way to deal with daily waste plastic without polluting the environment?

In daily life, tens of thousands of waste plastic will inevitably be produced, which may bring endless harm to the environment. Faced with this problem, we can use DOING’s waste plastic pyrolysis plant(可插内链) to deal with daily waste plastic, which will not cause any pollution to the environment, and can help investors obtain considerable benefits from pyrolysis products such as fuel oil, carbon black and combustible gas.

waste plastic plyrolysis plantThe 3D picture of waste plastic pyrolysis plant

In waste plastics pyrolysis process, the links that are most likely to cause environmental pollution problems are oil gas cooling, exhaust gas emission and carbon black discharge. In this regard, DOING’s waste plastic pyrolysis plant adopts the latest technology to deal with them, aiming to help customers safely pyrolyze waste plastics.

For oil gas cooling, Doing’s waste plastic pyrolysis plant adopts the shell and tube condensers. Cooling water has no contact with oil gas because only goes through between the shell and inner tube for cooling oil gas. This not only ensures the recycling of cooling water and zero discharge of waste water, but also increases the cooling area to make the oil gas are fully cooled.

cooling systemThe seven steps of condensation

For exhaust gas emission, on one hand, Doing’s waste plastic pyrolysis plant adopts the tails gas cleaning system to recycle combustible gas for reactor heating while remove the smell of the tail gas. On the other hand, Doing also adopts water scrubber and desulfurization tower to desulfurize flue gas generated during the pyrolysis process to achieve environmentally friendly emissions.

waste tire pyrolysis plantTail gas cleaning system of waste tire pyrolysis plant

For carbon black discharge, Doing’s waste plastic pyrolysis plant adopts wind conveying system to ensure that the whole carbon black discharge process is totally sealed&no dust. The carbon black is removed from the pyrolysis zone, and then transferred to the carbon black temporary storage warehouse by the wind transportation system.

With mature production process design and advanced environmentally friendly waste plastic pyrolysis plant, DOING has helped customers in more than 90 countries around the world to achieve pollution-free pyrolysis of waste plastics. If you also want to join in the waste plastic pyrolysis industry and obtain more profits, please don’t hesitate to consult us and get professional processing solutions&free quotations!


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