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How long is the service life of pyrolysis plant's reactor? How to prolong its service life?

The service life of pyrolysis plant's reactor is influenced by many factors, such as the quality of pyrolysis plant's reactor, the operation of workers and the periodic inspection and maintenance of pyrolysis plant's reactor in production, which all determine how long the service life of your reactor is.

As professional pyrolysis plant manufacturer, DOING with more than 10 years production experience, here give you some suggestions, which you can note down.

1. Pay attention the manufacturing technology of pyrolysis plant's reactor, and make sure you can buy high quality pyrolysis plant

pyrolysis plant reactorThe reactor of the pyrolysis plant

In order to make sure the quality of pyrolysis plant's reactor and prolong its service life, DOING adopts good High quality steel plates, high standard welding process and one piece design reactor head. It can not only resist high temperature and strong tension, but also make sure that there is no cracking is created when the reactor ran under high temperature. So The service life of DOING pyrolysis plant's reactor is more than 8 years.

2. Make sure the pyrolysis plant could be correct installed and operated

Generally, we, DOING Company, will arrange professional technician to conduct the whole installation, commissioning, operation training process, unless customers request and obtain our permission, they can do all the works by themselves. Only in this way, it can make sure the pyrolysis plant's reactor runs well and with correct operated by workers. Of course, in production, there will be some safety precautions and emergency handling, so in the operation training process, our professional technician will teach to workers in details.

3. Execute the periodic inspection and maintenance of pyrolysis plant's reactor in production

Periodic inspection and maintenance is very important to the service life of pyrolysis plant's reactor, which can not only make the production run smoothly and make sure the safety of the production, but also prolong the service life of pyrolysis plant's reactor. For examle, add lube oil to the bearing of supporting roller, the supporting roller, and the reducer in a certain period. Besides, check the tightness of the bolts on big gear, reducer and supporting rollers every time before starting the operation, incase any loose to cause the imbalance of the reactor.

All in all, the service life of pyrolysis plant's reactor is very important for the production of the factory. Selecting a set of high quality pyrolysis plant, you can guarantee the production going well and saving cost of maintenance. If you have plan to set up a pyrolysis plant for recycling waste tire, plastic, oil sludge or aluminum plastic materials, welcome to contact DOING!

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