pyrolysis plant process

Is there catalyst in your tire pyrolysis machinery?

The theory of tire pyrolysis machinery is through pyrolysis, let solid tire become oil gas under high temperature, then by recycling water, cooling down oil gas to liquid oil. So during this process, no need to use catalyst. You can view the following process introduction for a better understanding.

tire pyrolysis machineWaste tyres can be converted into oil through pyrolysis process

Waste tire pyrolysis happens in the reactor. Our reactor is completely sealed, which can create an oxygen-free environment for the waste tires. As the temperature increases, the waste tire will be cracked into oil gas in the reactor. And then the oil gas will enter the buffer chamber through a gas pipeline, which is also called a catalyst chamber, but it's just a name, which is designed to slow down the speed of the oil gas for completely condensation. So no catalyst is needed in this tire pyrolysis process.

tire pyrolysis machineOil gas out of reactor

However, if you want to convert tire pyrolysis oil to diesel, catalyst may be needed, because it is another process, called distillation, which can be done by our pyrolysis oil distillation plant. Regarding to the name of catalyst, I am really sorry that I cannot tell you now, but it exists in all market, and per ton oil need about USD10 catalyst. To know more details, quickly contact us!

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