pyrolysis plant process

What's tire pyrolysis process, how does pyrolysis work?

As the waste tire amount is generated higher and higher, the waste tire pollution is also becoming heavier and heavier. So, it's very urgent and important for the world to find a way to dispose of waste tires and prevent or reduce the pollution caused by waste tires.

tire pyrolysis workPiles of waste tyres

At present, the most commonly used ways to dispose of waste tires aer as follows:

1) Pile up to landfill;

2) Recycle heat by burning and incineration;

3) Tire retreading;

4) Waste tire recycling to reclaimed rubber.

If you had made some research about the waste tire recycling, you would known that none of the above methods is the good solution, the processing ways causing big waste of these raw materials, also generate heavy pollution to the environment. In view of this current situation, the best way to dispose of waste tires is to use pyrolysis technology.


What' s tire pyrolysis process?

Tire is mainly composed of rubber (include natural rubber and synthetic rubber), carbon black and many other organic and inorganic addition agents (include plasticizer, antiager, sulphur, zinc oxide, etc). Waste tire pyrolysis means the process that under a sealed pyrolysis reactor with proper heating, the main chain of the rubber in tires cracked into monomer, biopolymer and fragments, which then be polymerized to many kinds of olefins, thus get rid of the volatile substances to solid carbon. The main end products are fuel oil, uncondensable gas, carbon black and steel wire. The composition of every product is different as different pyrolysis methods, temperature, etc.

tire pyrolysis process Waste tire pyrolysis process

Through tire pyrolysis process, it could recycle waste tires to renewable energy, also without generating secondary pollution to the environment. And DOING Company' s new type waste tire pyrolysis plants are all equipped with smoke cleaning system, tail gas cleaning system, bad smell removal system and water circulation system, thus to keep no pollution to both the air and water.

waste tire pyrolysis plantEnvironmental protection system


How does pyrolysis work?

First, use the wire drawing machine to take out the tire wire, this step is to prepare for shredding the tires;

Second, put tires without hard steel wire into tire shredder to obtain small piece of tires, shredded tires are easy to pyrolyze;

Third, send the shredded tires into pyrolysis reactor through closed continuous feeder and heat the reactor with fuel. This step can realize automatic feeding, thus reduce labor cost and investment.

Four, when the pyrolysis reactor is heated to a certain temperature, oil gas will generate, then oil gas goes through three-step cooling system, including vertical condenser,horizontal condenser and cooling tower, to be cooled down to get oil and enter oil tanks;

Five, the non-condensable gas coming out of the cooling tower can be recycled to heat the reactor after being treated by tail gas cleaning and odor removal system;

Six, smoke will be generated during the burning of fuel, which can be discharged after being treated by the smoke cleaning system;

Seven, at last, the carbon black in the pyrolysis reactor can be collected by the carbon screw conveyor;

waste tire pyrolysis plantWorkflow of continuous waste tire pyrolysis plant

The above is the introduce to waste tire pyrolysis plant, in addition to waste tires, Doing Group waste tire pyrolysis plant can also dispose of waste plastics. If you want to know more information about waste tire pyrolysis plant, welcome to consult us feel free.

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