pyrolysis plant process

Why some of the tire recycling pyrolysis plant is banned by the government or not accept by the customer?

pyrolysis plant
Waste tire recycling pyrolysis plant
Through the feedback of our customer and our market research, we get the idea that many of the tire recycling pyrolysis plant that are banned by government or not accepted by customer, because they take the old design and pyrolysis technology. They use high temperature to melt the waste tire directly, this may waste time, waste labor, shorten life span of plant , also not safe. During the process also produce harmful products, which can not be recycled, these products also make pollution to the environment. This kind of machine have a low oil output rate, bad carbon black quality, and at the same time many waste gas.
waste tire pyrolysis plant
Tire recycling pyrolysis plant
Our new design  tire recycling pyrolysis plant use the lower temperatures greatly reduces the thermal shock to the equipment which extends the equipments' life span. We produce high quality carbon black and have a high output of fuel oil. Also we recycle the extra gas to the furnace door, use advanced dedusting system to remove the sulfer materials among the waste gas, use high pressure nozzle to purify waste gas, finally reach international standard.

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