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What is the best solution to white pollution?

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Waste plastic

White pollution is a kind of image appellation to the phenomenon of environment pollution caused by refractory plastic garbage (plastic bag). There are kinds of life plastic products, they are made of polystyrene, polypropylene, PVC etc these polymer compounds. White pollution is point to the urban environment phenomenon caused by these life plastic products. After using, these life plastic products become a solid waste, due to difficult to degrade, so they were thrown everywhere.
waste plastic pyrolysis plant
Waste plastic pyrolysis plant
Traditional way to solve white pollution is by using paper bag to instead of plastic, as well as add degradation agent to plastic. However, the cost of paper bag is too high and due to the degradation agent technology is not so mature, by using of degradation also can not solve the white pollution problem well.
Now, our company adopts the new catalytic pyrolysis technology, using waste plastic pyrolysis plant, let the plastic catalytic pyrolysis under high temperature, then by using recycling water, cooling down to oil. waste plastic pyrolysis plant can not only solve the problem of white pollution, but also can turn white pollution to oil. Someone may worry about the second time pollution, our  waste plastic  pyrolysis plant is manufactured by the standard manufacture of pressure vessel, it is totally sealed, no gas come out. Also our  plant have the high technology dedusting system, can achieve no pollution.

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