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Waste plastic to fuel oil pyrolysis process

Plastic is non-biodegradable product, and will have a huge negative impact on the environment if not disposed of. Pyrolysis technology is a great solution to solve this problem which aids in the conversion of waste plastics into carbon black and fuel oil. This is a technology which is simple, eco-friendly as well as economically possible. The process is performed in waste plastic pyrolysis plant.

plastic to fuel oil pyrolysis processPyrolysis technology converting waste plastic to oil

To get the fuel oil from waste plastic pyrolysis plant is a simple method of thermochemical decomposition of organic material at a high temperature without any addition of oxygen. During this process the long polymer molecules easily break down to form shorted chains of hydrocarbons. This is done with the help of both pressure and heat. The best thing about this technology is that it never produces any harmful pollutants that can be harmful for the environment and nature. And the product that is formed is a fuel oil which can be used to run the plants for manufacturing or producing different things, or be further refined into diesel for more application.

plastic to fuel oil pyrolysis processPlastic oil application

Waste plastic to fuel oil pyrolysis process:

First, feed the waste plastic into the pyrolysis reactor, if shred the waste plastic materials into small pieces in advance, the efficiency will be higher and the equipment operation time will be shortened.

Then these materials are heated (controlled) without any oxygen. The heating is important as it defines the quality of the final product.

Next is the process of condensation. The heavy oil gas is collected into the heavy oil tank. The light oil gas comes out of manifold and is condensed into fuel oil when going through cooling system.

At the end, the carbon black will be discharged automatically after the pyrolysis process is completed.

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This is the brief description of waste plastic to fuel oil pyrolysis process, which just takes few hours with the help of waste plastic pyrolysis plant instead of thousands of years to get naturally degrade. So, if you too want to try this method for extracting fuel oil from waste plastic, contact us DOING to get the waste plastic pyrolysis plant.


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