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What is the smallest capacity of waste tire pyrolysis plant Doing Company offers?

For new beginners in the waste tires to fuel oil recycling business, you may worry about whether the waste tire pyrolysis plant works well. At this time, a small capacity pyrolysis plant will be your best choice. And the smallest capacity waste tire pyrolysis plant Doing Company can offer is 100KG.

The smallest capacity of waste tire pyrolysis plant is 100 KG, which means it can process 100KG waste tire per batch, making them ideal for small-scale investments or experiments. The cost of the small capacity waste tire pyrolysis plant is low, and you can start with this machine to see the running effect or make a feasibility study about waste tire pyrolysis plant.

700-550小机组单页.jpg100kg/d small scale waste tire pyrolysis plant

Besides, considering the convenience of novice customers in installing waste tire pyrolysis plant, DOING's 100KG small pyrolysis plant has been installed in the framework before it is sent out. Once the customers receive the pyrolysis plants, they can put them into operation as soon as possible. Therefore, the smallest waste tire pyrolysis plant is easy to install, and has the advantages of no foundation, short installation period, easy operation, etc.

This method of pyrolysis not only does not produce any secondary pollution, but can also generate profits by selling fuel oil, carbon black and steel wire. It is also an investment suitable for the general public.

轮胎到油 3.jpgSmall scale waste tyre to fuel oil pyrolysis plant

Of course, if you want to undertake large-scale production projects, you can also choose our large capacity pyrolysis plant. Doing company has rich experience in manufacturing and installing the waste tire pyrolysis plant, and to meet the needs of different customers, we can customize the waste tire pyrolysis plant with the processing capacity from 100KG-50+Tons per day. And the pyrolysis plant can also recycle the solid&hazardous waste raw materials into fuel oil, such as waste plastics, waste oil sludge, medical waste, etc.

Our pyrolysis plants have been exported to more than 90 countries around the world. There are good markets in South America, Africa, Southeast Asia, Mexico, Nigeria, and India, etc. If you want to join this pyrolysis industry, don't hesitate to choose Doing company to select the best and the most suitable pyrolysis plant.

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