pyrolysis plant process

Is there any equipment which can properly dispose of sludge oil?

For the sludge oil produced in the process of crude oil exploitation, storage, collection, transportation and processing raw materials, DOING developed sludge oil recycling machines to achieve the purpose of disposing of it properly. Our sludge oil recycling machine can turn sludge oil into valuable fuel oil in a pollution-free way.

700-油泥炼油.jpgSludge oil recycling machine

But because sludge oil comes in different forms, such as solid, semisolid and liquid, Doing specially developed two kinds of sludge oil recycling machines with different recycling technology. One is the sludge oil pyrolysis plant, and the other is sludge oil distillation plant.

For example, solid and semi-solid sludge oil can be treated with the pyrolysis plant: during low temperature pyrolysis, oil and gas are cracked from sludge oil and cooled into crude oil by a cooling system.

And if your sludge oil is solid, it can be fed directly by an automatic feeder; if it is semi-solid form, with a certain fluidity, it needs a screw conveyor feeding.

油泥设备 加水印 700.jpgSludge oil pyrolysis plant

As for liquid sludge oil, it can be treated with the other sludge oil recycling machine---distillation plant: the liquid sludge oil can be pumped directly into the distillation unit through the oil pump. Oil residue is filtered, and oil and gas are cooled into crude oil by the cooling system.

700-精炼.jpgSludge oil distillation plant

Therefore, we will recommend the most suitable technology and equipment for you according to your sludge oil situation. Our high quality sludge oil recycling machines have been widely appreciated by our customers for their high quality and high oil yield. If you would like to know more information about our sludge oil recycling machines and related project cases, please contact us without any hesitation.

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