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How to recycle tires for profit? Which waste tire recycling way is recommended?

At present, there are two ways to recycle tires to get profits on the market. Let's have a detailed look.

One is to make tires into rubber powder through rubber powder processing machine, which can be used to make rubber racetracks and other rubber products. The process of rubber powder equipment is complicated and the equipment investment is large, but the rubber powder market is saturated and the market profit is getting less and less.

Crushing.jpgCrush waste tyres to rubber powder

The other way is to recycle tires into fuel oil, carbon black and steel wire through waste tire pyrolysis plant. The products are 100% usable and all can be sold to the market.

So what are the market sales of these products? Fuel oil can be sold to various heavy industry plants as fuel, and can also be sold to large refineries or to be refined into diesel by pyrolysis oil to diesel refinery machines, etc. Carbon black can be sold to cement plants, brick factories and carbon black deep processing plants, etc., and steel wire can be sold to steel plants.

4全连续裂解设备700-500.jpgThe pyrolysis plant product and applications

Moreover, the process flow of waste tire pyrolysis plant is simple, the requirements for the feed are not high, and there is no compulsory necessity to pre-treat the waste tires, which can save costs. So now more and more people tend to choose pyrolysis plant to recycle tires to obtain profits.

waste tire pyrolysis plant.jpgDOING waste tire pyrolysis plant project pictures

However, the price of tires and by-products in different countries and regions will be different, so if you want to invest in this project, you also need to investigate the raw material market and by-product market in your area. Then we can give you a detailed profit analysis of waste tire pyrolysis plant based on your real situation.

If you want to recycle tires through the waste tire pyrolysis machine for profits, or if you have any questions, please consult us for a more detailed proposal.

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