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The recommendation to improve production in waste oil distillation machine

2020-01-16 10:42:56 Waste Oil Distillation Plant

The waste oil distillation machine is designed for the refining of pyrolysis oil and waste oil. The refining process includes distilling and removing impurities, cooling to light oil, and then decolorizing and deodorizing. Finally, the pyrolysis oil and waste oil can be refined into clean, bright non-standard diesel. Maybe some customers are most concerned about how to improve production. Now I will provide some recommendations based on our experience in this field.

waste oil distillation machineHow to improve the production

To improve production, two aspects need to be considered. The first is whether the quality of the collected waste oil is good enough, and the second is whether the selected waste oil distillation machine can improve production. Therefore I mainly introduce how our waste oil distillation machine improves production.

First of all, our waste oil distillation machine uses the heat-conducting oil furnace heating system, which can quickly heat the distillation reactor to speed up the refining process, which can reach one batch a day, don't have to refine for a few days or even a week to complete a batch. Which can improve efficiency and production in waste oil distillation machine.

waste oil distillation machineOur heat-conducting oil furnace heating system

Secondly, our distillation reactor adopts vertical design which can achieve the purpose of automatic slag discharge quickly and more safety. Thus to save time in the slagging process to improve the production. In addition, the distillation reactor can keep processing 3 batches in 2 days without stop, and then discharge the slag at one time. No need to wait for the reactor to cool down after finishing per batch to discharge the asphalt. This will greatly improve production.

waste oil distillation machineVertical reactor of waste oil distillation machine

Thirdly, our distillation machine adopts professional tube type condensers, which can effectively cool down the oil gas, and now for our new design catalyst type distillation machine, it uses catalysts for refining, which can directly refine the heavy oil fractions into light oil fractions. Thus reducing oil loss to improve the production.

waste oil distillation machineTube type condensers for higher efficiency

If you want to invest a waste oil distillation machine that can improve production, please feel free to contact us for a proposal.

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