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What is the cost to refine 1t used motor oil, and the profits?

The cost of refining 1T used motor oil is mainly composed of the following three aspects:

1. Collection of 1T used motor oil

According to our customers' feedback, the cost of recycling used motor oil varies in different countries. Usually, after the customer has the qualification for recycling used motor oil, it costs about US$280 to purchase one ton of used motor oil.

However, some places will provide used motor oil to collectors for free, and even the local government will subsidize those who are qualified to collect used motor oil (usually a subsidy ranging from US$20 to US$200 per ton, depending on local policies. )

2. Power consumption, fuel consumption, labor costs, water consumption during equipment operation

Processing 1 ton of used motor oil consumes about 30kw of electricity, consumes 50kg of fuel, and the labor cost is about US$10. And there is no water consumption.

3. Catalyst cost

The cost of catalyst required for processing one ton used motor oil ranges from US$12 to US$20.

waste oil distillation plantThe cost and profits of refining 1t used motor oil

The profit of refining 1 ton of waste engine oil mainly comes from one aspect: the sales profit of the product(diesel and asphalt).

After refining used motor oil, the products are diesel and asphalt. After refining 1 ton of used motor oil, about 850 kg of diesel and 130 kg of asphalt can be obtained.

The price of a ton of diesel on the market is about 720 dollars, and the price of asphalt is about 200 dollars/ton.

Through the above data, customers who want to calculate the cost and profit to refine 1T used motor oil can substitute the above data for calculation after investigating the actual prices of used motor oil and diesel in the local market. We use the above data as an example to calculate cost here:

1. Collection of waste engine oil collection $280
2. The total cost of electricity, fuel, and labor $ 50
3. Catalyst cost 15 USD
Gross profit
1. Diesel oil 0.85 tons * 720 USD = $ 520.2
2. Asphalt 0.13 tons * 200 USD = $ 26
Total: $ 546.2
Net profit = gross profit-cost = $546.2-$345 = $ 201.2.

From this we can know that net profit to refine 1T used motor oil is about $200.

The above data comes from our customers’ local market research and feedback. If you also want to benefit from used motor oil refining, please contact us: We have professional equipment to refine used motor oil, and professional sales manager will answer your questions.

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