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Our Kenyan customer signed a purchase contract with DOING for waste tyre pyrolysis plant

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On September 4, 2023, Henan DOING successfully signed a purchase contract for a large-scale waste tyre pyrolysis recycling plant with our Kenyan customer. Henan DOING 15T complete set of waste tyre pyrolysis plant can help our Kenyan customer achieve pyrolysis recycling of 5,000 tons of waste tires per year, and can obtain more than 2,000 tons of fuel oil from it.

DOING 15T Pyrolysis Plant Design

Processing raw materials: waste tyres

Processing capacity: 15 TPD

Device type: Batch type

Equipment configuration: basic + optional

Optional 1: Raw material pretreatment device - tire ring cutting machine and thread rolling machine;

Optional 2: Pyrolysis by-product collection device - carbon black elevator.

waste tyre pyrolysis plantDOING 15T waste tyre pyrolysis plant

Project Overview

The project is to recycle waste tyres through a pyrolysis plant to obtain fuel oil and carbon black. Using the waste tyre pyrolysis plant developed and produced by Henan DOING, can not only relieve the pressure of local solid waste treatment, but also obtain fuel oil, which can be used as raw material for our Kenyan customer's asphalt production plant, reducing the cost of purchasing fuel.

Why choose us?

After more than 13 years of development, DOING has been continuously developing and updating pyrolysis technology. At present, our pyrolysis technology is very mature. It is not only the top in this industry, but also attracts more and more customers and has been recognized by them. So far, our customers have spread to more than 90 countries and regions around the world.

pyrolysis plantsThe project cases of DOING pyrolysis plants

The successful signing of the contract is only the beginning of this cooperation. Henan DOING's comprehensive service system will ensure the timely delivery of waste tyre pyrolysis plant and arrange follow-up installation and operation training to ensure the smooth operation of the project. If you are interested in our waste tyres pyrolysis plant, you can contact us online. Then we will arrange a professional project manager to explain and design an exclusive pyrolysis solution for you in detail.

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