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Singapore customer orders 15 tons of semi-continuous tire pyrolysis plant

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In June 2024, Henan Doing Company once again won the favor of the international market with its high-quality pyrolysis technology and rich pyrolysis project installation experience. A leading company from Singapore has officially placed an order to customize a set of 15-ton semi-continuous tire pyrolysis plant, which it plans to deploy at its production base in Indonesia.

Semi-continuous tire pyrolysis plantSemi-continuous tire pyrolysis plant for sale

This cooperation stems from in-depth market research by Singaporean customer and high recommendations from his business partners. After fully understanding the multiple large-scale pyrolysis projects successfully implemented by Henan Doing Company and our rich installation&commissioning experience, our Singapore customer expressed his high trust and appreciation for DOING pyrolysis technology strength and environmental protection concepts. After a series of in-depth communication and technical docking, it was finally decided to order one of DOING’s best-selling product, the 15-ton semi-continuous tire pyrolysis plant, in order to achieve efficient recycling of waste tire resources in Indonesia and promote the development of regional green economy.

semi-continuous pyrolysis plantSemi-continuous pyrolysis plant production lines 3D picture

DOING semi-continuous tire pyrolysis plant is famous for its high safety, strong environmental protection and excellent economic benefits. Using advanced thermal pyrolysis technology, waste tires can be converted into high-value products such as high-quality fuel oil, carbon black, and flammable gases in a closed system. The entire process has almost no harmful emissions and perfectly complies with international environmental protection standards. The design of this 15-ton semi-continuous pyrolysis plant fully considers the convenience of operation and maintenance efficiency, ensuring long-term stable operation and bringing significant environmental and economic benefits to users.

tire pyrolysis plant manufacturerWaste tire pyrolysis plant manufacturer and supplier

As equipment production enters the factory and orders are placed, the Doing team has begun to prepare comprehensive technical guidance and after-sales services to ensure the successful installation and smooth operation of the 15TPD semi-continuous tire pyrolysis plant in Indonesia.

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