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3 Sets of 15TPD waste tire oil pyrolysis plant order in Myanmar

06-18-2024 14:45:55 DOING News Chat online Leave a message

On June 17, 2024, Henan DOING Company successfully reached a cooperation with a far-sighted customer in Myanmar to supply 3 sets of 15TPD waste tire oil pyrolysis plant. This cooperation not only demonstrates DOING's outstanding strength in the field of pyrolysis industry, but also marks the determination of both parties to jointly explore greener and more economical energy solutions.

Facing increasingly rising oil prices and high operating costs, this Myanmar customer, who has been involved in mining and lime plant processing for many years, is keenly aware of the limitations of traditional fuel consumption models. After some detailed market research, he found that producing alternative fuels by pyrolysis waste tires can not only effectively reduce energy costs, but also significantly reduce environmental pollution, achieving a win-win situation of economic and environmental benefits. This led him to turn his attention to DOING Company for professional pyrolysis plant solutions.

pyrolysis oil applications as an alternative fuelPyrolysis oil applications as an alternative fuel

Among many pyrolysis plant manufacturers and suppliers in China, DOING Company stands out with its profound technical accumulation, rich project implementation experience and excellent customer service, and has won high recognition from customers. As a leader in the pyrolysis plant industry, DOING Company has always adhered to the innovation-driven development philosophy and continuously optimized product performance to ensure that each piece of equipment can meet customers' high standards for efficiency, safety and environmental protection. Currently, our pyrolysis plants are selling well in more than 100 countries and regions.

DOING pyrolysis plant project casesWaste to fuel energy pyrolysis plant project cases installed by DOING

Next, DOING’s engineers and production plants will fully promote the production of 3 sets of waste tire oil pyrolysis plant. DOING Company provides pyrolysis technical support and service guarantee throughout the entire process until the equipment is running smoothly, helping customers quickly achieve their green and economical transformation goals. If you are also looking for sustainable waste recycling alternative fuel solutions, DOING Company sincerely welcomes you to consult!

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