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A Johansburg customer ordered a 500㎏/d waste plastic pyrolysis plant from DOING!

2022-08-25 10:38:33 DOING News Chat online Leave a message

Congratulations!On August 20, a customer from Johansburg, South Africa cooperated with DOING and successfully ordered a 500kg/d plastic pyrolysis plant from DOING!

This customer is mainly engaged in the plastic recycling industry, so there is a large amount of plastic raw materials that need to be processed from for greater profits.After he learned about the plastic pyrolysis plant market(waste plastic to fuel oil pyrolysis plant can convert waste plastic to fuel oil, carbon black with lower cost and higher fuel oil output.), he began to collect a lot of information, so he contacted us through the website.

连续设备 产物用途.jpgDOING waste plastic/tyres pyrolysis plant

The first time the Johansburg customer contacted us was on July 30th. The customer manager introduced the oil to the customer through the video connection in detail, how our equipment is operated, what the equipment generally contains, and the function of each component, as well as showing the video of each customer's on-site oil production. The customer thinks that our equipment design is very professional.

After many headaches during the period, our sales answered the questions for the customers. The customers also recognized our company's strength very much, so we decided to cooperate with us on August 20, first ordering a 500kg/d small oil pyrolysis plant unit, and looking forward to continuing cooperation in the future.

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