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What budget is needed to open a pyrolysis plant?

As we all know, pyrolysis plant is a device used to break down high molecular polymers into low molecular compounds. Such equipment is commonly used in the recycling of waste plastics, waste rubber, waste oil sludge and coal tar residue, as well as in the production of petrochemical products, which can not only help resolve the environmental problems, but also help the customers generate huge profits.

But for those customers who want to open a pyrolysis plant, the budget to open a pyrolysis plant is a question that they will consider first. Then I will have a detailed introduction of this question:

The budget needed to open a pyrolysis plantThe budget needed to open a pyrolysis plant

The budget needed to open a pyrolysis plant depends primarily on the following:

1. Equipment investment:

A pyrolysis plant is equipment that processes waste tyres or plastics to produce pyrolysis fuel oil. The whole system includes pyrolysis reactor, condensation system, odour disposal system, flue gas treatment equipment, etc..Prices for pyrolysis plants vary depending on model, capacity, configuration and other factors, and generally range from tens of thousands of dollars to hundreds of thousands or even millions of dollars. Of course, the better the configuration, the better the quality, and the higher the price.

Types and capacities of DOING pyrolysis plantsTypes and capacities of DOING pyrolysis plants

2. Venue leasing

A pyrolysis plant requires a spacious site to install equipment and perform production, which must be able to accommodate not only the equipment, but also the raw materials processed and the obtained end products, such as fuel oil, carbon black, etc. And it also needs convenient transportation to transport these raw materials and final products. Rents for the site vary by location, area and other factors. Before implementing the program, customers are advised to firstly go to their local area for a corresponding inspection.

3. Personnel wages

Pyrolysis plants need to hire operators, technicians and others to maintain equipment and production. And the salaries vary by region, experience and other factors. Of course, if you purchase a pyrolysis plant with higher automation, we just need to hire several workers. Take DOING continuous pyrolysis plant as an example, our pyrolysis plant is equipped with the auto-feeder, which can save feeding time and labor costs; PLC control system, which can have an overall control of the heating time, temperature, pressure, etc., enhancing working efficiency. Additionally, DOING also can provide professional installation and operation guidance for our customers to help them improve work efficiency as much as possible and save labor costs.

Comprehensive services provided by DOINGComprehensive services provided by DOING

Apart from the above investment, there are also other costs that need to consider, such as raw materials cost, utilities, insurance, taxes, etc. And the detailed investment varies from the different standards in various regions and the investment scale.

So if you would like more details about the pyrolysis plant and the budget to open a pyrolysis plant, feel free to contact DOING's professional business manager. DOING has helped many customers successfully open the pyrolysis plant in their countries, such as America, South Africa, Nigeria, Russia, Malaysia, Mexico, China, Thailand, Philippines, etc. Looking forward to cooperating with you.

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