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What's the productivity of continuous tyre pyrolysis plant?

Continuous tyre pyrolysis plants are designed to efficiently convert waste tyres/rubber into valuable products such as fuel oil, carbon black, and combustible gas. The productivity of a continuous tyre pyrolysis plant is a key factor that influences its feasibility and profitability for businesses engaged in waste tire recycling.

For our continuous waste tyre pyrolysis plant, from material feeding, pyrolysis, cooling to final products slagging, etc. are all proceeding continuously without stop, which has a higher working productivity and high oil output, varying from 15TPD to 50TPD.

Work flow of fully continuous tyre pyrolysis plantWork flow of fully continuous tyre pyrolysis plant

Then we will introduce the productivity of the continuous tyre pyrolysis plant by displaying its work flow:


To ensure the continuous supply of raw material to the pyrolysis reactor, the raw material should be shredded so that it can be fed into the feeding system. When waste tyre is the raw material, it should be processed into metal free rubber granules to ensure the continuous pyrolysis carbon black slagging. And our continuous tyre pyrolysis plant is equipped with the auto-feeder, which can enhance working productivity to save time and labor cost.


After feeding, the raw material will reach our continuous rotating pyrolysis system. Inside the pyrolysis reactor, there are spiral plates used to convey the raw material with the rotating of the reactor. The raw material is uniformly distributed on the reactor inner surface, so that the heat transfer is quick and evenly. The pyrolysis efficiency is greatly improved, the raw material can finish the pyrolysis process before going out of this continuous pyrolysis system.

DOING manufactured pyrolysis reactorDOING manufactured pyrolysis reactor


After pyrolysis, the oil gas will flow into our continuous cooling system to cool down into liquid oil; the cooling system of our continuous tyre pyrolysis plant adopts the 3-step cooling, which has the industrial cooling effect to get fully cooling effect and enhance the oil output.


The obtained carbon black will be discharged through our continuous slagging system. Our carbon black slagging system is composed of 4-stage slagging auger with water cooling cover, so that the carbon black can be quickly cooling down to realize the continuous discharging.

DOING Carbon Black Wind Transaport SystemDOING Carbon Black Wind Transaport System


Finally, it is our continuous non-condensate syn-gas recycling system. The non-condensate syn gas will be firstly purified with this odor removal system to remove the pollutants, and then the clean one will be burnt as the pyrolysis reactor heating energy.

With the above working flowing learning of our continuous tyre pyrolysis plant, we can see the productivity of our continuous tyre pyrolysis plant can be well ensured due to the high quality configurations of our equipment. Additionally, our continuous tyre pyrolysis plant adopts the fully automatic PLC control system to realize running without stop for more than 25 days.

DOING continuous tyre pyrolysis plant for saleDOING continuous tyre pyrolysis plant for sale

All in all, DOING continuous tyre pyrolysis plant has a higher working productivity. For more questions about our continuous tyre pyrolysis plant and its productivity, please feel free to send your enquiry. As one of the few manufacturers with mature full-continuous technology and successful full-continuous pyrolysis plant project cases, DOING will provide the most excellent continuous tyre pyrolysis plant for you.

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