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How can we reuse and recycle used vehicle tires?

With the development of the automobile industry, more and more used vehicle tires are replaced every year and piled up like mountains. So how to reuse and recycle these used vehicle tires has been always a hot topic.

As a professional waste tires recycling machine manufacturers, Here Henan Doing summarizes several ways to reuse and recycle those used vehicle tires for your reference:

1. Direct use of tires

The direct use of tires is to use waste tires for some protective walls or DIY and other handicrafts, the demand is not great.

2. Retread used vehicles tires into new one

This means to retread the used vehicle tires into new tires, you can also make some profits from it. But the use scope of retreaded tires is not much. And if you want to use it in the automobile, it may cause safety hidden danger.

3. Process used vehicles tires into reclaimed rubber

Reclaimed rubber is mainly used in some rubber runway, paving and other places. But according to the feedback of recycled rubber performance is poor, so the profit is general.

4. Shred used vehicle tires into rubber powder

By a series of shredding and steel wire drawing, the used vehicle tires into rubber powder, which can be used for making rubber floor tiles, waterproof roll materials, waterproof coatings and other items, etc.

Tire rubber powder and recycled rubber are somewhat similar, it needs several single machines or the rubber powder production line  working together.

700胶粉设备.pngRubber powder production line

5. Pyrolysis used vehicles tires

By adopting waste tire to oil recycling machine---pyrolysis plant, we can pyrolyze the used vehicle tires into valuable fuel oil, carbon black and steel wire. And we may adopt the batch type or the continuous type pyrolysis plant according to the processing needs.

In these ways, there is no lack of suitable used vehicle tires recycling methods, but if any one is the most profitable, it has to say that Henan DOING waste tires pyrolysis plant!

Here takes DOING 50TPD pyrolysis plant as an example to make a profit analysis. The following table shows its ROI, which can be taken for reference:

图片.png50TPD pyrolysis plant profit analysis

If you decide to used vehicle tire pyrolysis process as your recycling solution, DOING recommends that the larger the processing capacity, the better. The larger the processing capacity, the more final products, the greater the profits. To know the detailed price of this equipment, please feel free to get in touch with DOING's professional business managers. They will recommend the right equipment for your needs to maximize your profits.

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