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How to dispose of heating oil sludge?

2019-12-31 18:13:11 Industry News

The heating oil sludge you find at the bottom of your oil tank is a combination of rust from the tank, dirt and debris, microorganisms that grow in the tank, and an amount of heavy-end fallout from the fuel itself. These heating oil sludge will pollution environment if discharged directly. Besides, environmental protection agencies in many countries levy may levy high sewage charges on the oil sludge emission. Therefore, it is imperative to find an environmentally friendly and economically reasonable method to dispose of heating oil sludge.

oil sludge treatmentHeating oil sludge

Henan Doing Company has developed a new type of oil sludge pyrolysis plant based on the characteristics of heating oil sludge and decades of rich experience in the manufacture of waste treatment equipment. The oil sludge pyrolysis plant can recycle heating oil sludge to fuel oil, soild waste and water. The entire operation process generate no pollution to environment.

To get better oil output, the heating oil sludge should be pretreated first. Large aggregates of oil sludge are dispersed by the rotation of the oil sludge sorting wheel, and the oil sludge particles larger than 20mm are pushed into the bulk material collection box on the side of the pretreatment device by the sorting wheel while the oil sludge smaller than 20mm will enter the sludge pretreatment tank through the sieve holes of the sludge sorting screen. Through the combined action of the sludge sorting wheel and the sieve plate, debris removal, fiber crushing, uniform dispersion, sludge storage and transportation are realized.

Then the pre-treated sludge is loaded into oil sludge pyrolysis plant by an automatic feeding system. After the above work is done, heat the reactor. When the temperature reaches to a certain degree, the oil sludge pyrolysis happens and oil gas comes out. The oil and gas pass through the Buffer chamber to release the pressure and enter the condensers. In the condensers, most of the oil gas would be cooled into fuel oil. The uncondensable gas is recycled to reactor for heating, saving fuel.

oil sludge pyrolysis productsFuel oil made from oil sludge pyrolysis plant

At last, the pollution control system works. The smoke generated during the entire combustion process is removed by desulfurization and dust removal system until it meets the emission standards.

oil sludge pyrolysis plantDOING oil sludge pyrolysis plant project site

The oil sludge pyrolysis plant can realize the separation of oil, residue and water, and achieve the purpose of recycling resources. And it will not cause secondary pollution. Today, with stricter environmental protection policies, our oil sludge pyrolysis plant is recognized by many customers. If you have any intention to deal with oil sludge, please contact us.

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