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Waste tyre recycling plant project cost ?

2018-03-27 17:21:30 Industry News
tyre recycling plant
Tyre recycling plant
To start this profitable business, you need to have a clear idea of cost, here let us take one set of 10ton waste tyre recycling plant project as an example.

1:The land :You need to prepare 400 square meters land.
tyre recycling plant project cost

2: The raw materials: you also need to prepare enough tires , it is better if your do this business close to tires, which can help you save transportation cost for tires.
tyre recycling plant cost
Waste tyre recycling plant raw material
3:The water: In the whole system, it needs about 40 cubic meters, but it is circulated and very clean, so no need to worry about water cost.
4:The fuel: to heat machine, you can burn any fuel like coal ,wood,natural gas, diesel,heavy oil...
Usually our clients burn pyrolysis oil from their own tyre recycling plant .
5: The power: one day it will take about 100KWH electricity
6: The worker cost: there will be two workers
7: Maintenance cost: the machine needs very less maintenance, only like cleaning ... so the maintenance cost is very small, like 100USD per month.

From our clients’s experience, one set of 10ton tyre recycling plant will take 3-6month to return your investment.

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