pyrolysis plant video

DOING Company Fully Continuous V.S. Batch type waste tire/plastic Pyrolysis Plant Display Video

This video mainly displays two types of waste tire/plastic pyrolysis plants manufactured by Henan Doing Company: fully continuous typepyrolysis plant and batch type pyrolysis plant. They have differentprocess capacities, automation degrees and features.

Batch type waste tire/plastic pyrolysis plant has become a hot-selling equipment purchased by many customers due to its advantages of cost-effective and simple operation. The processing capacity of batch type pyrolysis plant is 100KG-15TPD, which is suitable for customers with relatively small budgets.Fully continuous type waste tire/plastic pyrolysis plant can continuously feed and discharge slag, saving time and effort. It has higher requirements for raw material state, commonly we need to shred the waste tires plastics first before feeding them. The processing capacity of fully continuous pyrolysis plant is generally 15TPD-50+TPD, and it has a larger processing capacity and higher efficiency compared with batch pyrolysis plant. It is suitable for customers who have high requirements for automatic control of oil refining equipment.Welcome to consult Henan DOING Company, the waste to oil recycling machine leading manufacturer who has exported and installed pyrolysis plant projects in more than 90+ countries. No matter you are interested in batch type or continuous type waste tire plastic pyrolysis plant, our sales manager and engineer team will customize suitable machine purchasing solutions for you.

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