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Waste Oil Sludge Treatment Pyrolysis Plant in China Operation Site Video

04-30-2024 14:33:49 Project Case Video Leave a message

This video shows the scene of 8 sets of environmentally friendly stainless steel oil sludge treatment pyrolysis plant installed by Henan Doing Company for our Chinese customers.

At present, the oil sludge treatment pyrolysis plant has passed the acceptance inspection and produces oil smoothly. It is worth mentioning that our Henan Doing's waste oil sludge pyrolysis plant has been rigorously designed.

1.The feed uses a sludge pump to feed the waste oil sluge into the pyrolysis reactor. The process is clean, hygienic, environmentally friendly and safe;

2.The interior of the pyrolysis reactor is customized with stainless steel, which effectively prevents coking and sticking to the wall and extends the life of the reactor; 

3.The inner wall of reactor is welded with scrapers and a sludge decomposition device to ensure that the oil sludge sludge is heated evenly and reduces adhesion to the inner wall, ensuring that the pyrolysis process is safer, more stable and more efficient.

oil sludge treatment pyrolysis plantWaste oil sludge treatment pyrolysis plant project in China

If you want to obtain high-quality pyrolysis plant for waste oil sludge treatment, or waste and hazardous waste management, such as waste tires, waste plastics, waste aluminum and plastics, etc., welcome to consult Henan Doing Company, a well-known pyrolysis plant manufacturer and supplier in China! Our project managers will share more relevant professional technologies and industry information with you.

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