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Part 1: Waste tire Pre-tretament of Fully continuous tire pyrolysis machine working process

05-30-2024 14:07:46 Project Case Video Leave a message

Due to the strict requirement for feeding raw materials, we need to make some pretreatment for waste tires before feeding waste tires into pyrolysis reactor to ensure the continuous feeding and discharging of the continuous waste tire pyrolysis machine.

The machine displayed in the video is the tire pretreatment equipment of DOING: First, the waste tires are broken into blocks of about 3.5 cm by crushing shredder machine; second, the tire fragments enter the grinder through the conveyor belt and are crushed and ground into rubber powder particles of about 17-18 mesh; third, the tire rubber powder will enter the sorting equipment to separate the steel wire and rubber powder, and finally a relatively pure rubber powder will be obtained. The rubber powder enters the silo for storage through the conveying equipment, which is the process flow of the entire production line of the waste tire pretreatment section.

After going through the tire pretreatment stage, the rubber powder can enter the next stage to complete the whole work process of the continuous waste tire pyrolysis machine. For more details about the whole recycling process, welcome to continue to pay attention to our website updates.

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