pyrolysis plant video

Fully continuous waste tire pyrolysis plant project installed by DOING introduction video

This video mainly introduces the operation site of the fully continuous waste tire pyrolysis machine installed by Henan Doing Company. It can effectively and efficiently pyrolyze waste tires into fuel oil, carbon black, steel wire and other products, helping customers earn considerable profits.

The fully continuous waste tire pyrolysis plant manufactured by Doing Company can work continuously for 24 hours. It has the advantages of high oil yield, high degree of automation, big processing capacity, environmental protection and energy saving. In order to give you a better understanding of the full continuous waste tire pyrolysis plant, our sales manager specially made a detailed introduction while showing you the equipment and factory. Welcome to click the video to watch it!

The common processing capacities of the fully continuous waste tire pyrolysis plant are 15tpd, 20tpd, 30tpd, 50tpd, etc. If you are interested, please consult Henan Doing Company for a free quotation or have a factory tour. We can also customize the best solution and fully continuous waste tire pyrolysis plant according to your actual needs!

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